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Our first independently produced album of original songs! This album features "Firecracker Red" as seen on YouTube and co-written with Chad Carlson (Grammy award winner engineer for Taylor Swift Fearless) Hear the fabulous sound of violin with Lindsey Stirling on "Arizona Rain" and our co-write mix with the talented Truman brothers Chad and Ben Truman on "Better Than Before", and our Tunecore Valentine's feature winner "Keep On Loving  You." and more. We hope you enjoy the music!

Firefly Album on CD

SKU: 12345678
  • Own the physical Firefly Album! Complete with beautiful photos by Tell The Birds photographer and founder Breea Guttery and original songs including Arizona Rain featuring Lindsey Stirling on epic violin and Ben and Chad Truman on Better Thann Before, Keep On Loving You has been featured on the Tunecore Valentine's Album as the number one love song and Frecracker Red is a favorite on Fireflymusicofficial Youtube Channel. Produced and engineered by the one and only Stoker White, We hope you enjoy the music as much as we have loved creating it to share with you! -Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn Merchant

  • In the unlikely event that  you have difficulty with your CD functioning correctly, please email Thank you!

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